Physiology Development and Neuroscience

University of Cambridge Estate Management
£1.2m over several phases

This department is at the forefront of biological research and in order to retain this reputation on an international stage Saunders Boston were appointed as lead design consultant to update and modernise sections of their existing laboratories.

A specialist laboratory in the basement required complex co-ordination of services in a small area of an occupied building which proved demanding.  The rooms to be refurbished were found to be damp and as a result had to be tanked and a pumped land drainage system installed.  The specialist equipment was tendered by the department during our design process and a supplier based in California selected.  Distance and time zones proved challenging but through meticulous planning all issues were resolved.

Elsewhere in the building the aim of the Physiology Development and Neuroscience department was to bring related research activities physically closer within one suite of laboratories on E Floor, to allow shared resources and knowledge.  Specialist microscope and screening equipment was to be housed within three laboratory spaces including the use of air tables.  In addition this suite required shared general laboratory space.

A second phase of work was required to accommodate a new professor relocating to the department from California.  His laboratory facilities were housed in the remainder of E-Floor which has recently completed on-site.  All the elements were completed whilst the department was occupied.  Any planned disruption was carefully co-ordinated to minimise the impact on the users.

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